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Ketamine has been shown to be effective in treating several mental health disorders beyond depression. There is good evidence for its use in treatment of PTSD,  and depression. Treatments are based on the latest research. At NovaKet we structure the infusion protocol to provide the most effective results.

The protocol consists of 6 infusions given over 3 weeks. ideally, patients receive 2 treatments a week.
Treatments are administered at the NovaKet clinic in central Halifax.
Infusions are approximately 45 minutes in duration, with an additional 45 minutes of monitoring after the treatment.
Patients are monitored by a physician during the infusion (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level).

During the infusion, patients are provided a quiet, comfortable room. When the infusion is complete, patients are monitored for a short time afterwards to ensure there are no complications or adverse side effects.
Patients are required to have a person accompany them to provide safe transportation home from the clinic.

After the initial 6 infusions, patients are required to follow up with their mental health physician to determine the effectiveness of the infusions, and to assess the need for follow up "booster" infusions. Typically, these occur at 1-3 months later, and can be repeated as necessary (every 3-6 months)
Ketamine is not a CURE for depression or any of the other conditions listed. It is simply a new therapy for patients who have found other treatment modalities ineffective.

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